What Is a Diabetic Alert Dog?

Here at Lonestar Diabetic Alert Dogs, we train diabetic alert service dogs for those who need them most. Diabetic alert dogs (DADs) are trained to detect physiological changes in their handler's body, which points to the rise or fall in blood sugar levels.

Our diabetic service dogs in Chattanooga are trained to use their smell to identify chemical changes in their handler's body. Even if you can't sense it, our bodies release a specific scent as our blood sugar spikes. Trained dogs can detect this and notify the handler through pawing, barking, licking, or medicine retrieval.

Both children and adults benefit from our diabetic service dogs in Chattanooga. We cater to children at least 12 years old so they can have assistance with their condition. We know that diabetes can affect not just adults but also young children.

Our diabetic alert service dogs in Chattanooga are trained to work with handlers who have Type-1 Diabetes. Each dog in our facility undergoes a rigorous and intensive training process to ensure that they are fully equipped for the task.

Nevertheless, our
diabetes alert service dogs are not a substitute for proper medical care. On top of the assistance you will get from your alert dog, it's important to continue your medication and consultation with a doctor. And just like humans, DADs need rest and care, too, so they will remain healthy and efficient.

Diabetic alert dogs also provide emotional comfort and reassurance to their handlers. This is very helpful for diabetic individuals who are also dealing with anxiety due to their medical problems.

diabetic service dogs Chattanooga
diabetic alert service dogs

We start by preparing a scent or a high and low blood sugar sample from a patient. Our Chattanooga trainers will make your dog familiar with the scent. Once the puppy sniffs or puts his nose close to the sample, we will give a reward. This process allows the puppy to associate the smell of low and high blood sugar levels to something positive.

To ensure that the puppy will be accurate in detecting the scent, we move the samples around so the dog will start locating. As the dog ages, we will reduce the amount of the sample. We will also make it difficult for the dog to find the hidden samples.

The next step is teaching the dog to perform signals or alert gestures to the person upon detecting the scent. We observe consistency, so all our diabetic service dogs in Chattanooga will be well-trained and ready to assist patients.

Lonestar Diabetic Alert Dogs, we treat each service dog ethically. We also observe a stringent application process for those who wish to secure one of our dogs. This is to ensure that the dogs are in good hands and that those who need it the most will be prioritized.

​​How can I train my dog to be a diabetic alert dog?

Our diabetic service dogs in the Chattanooga area must pass training and examination before they are handed over to patients. Although DADs are not 100% accurate, they should record the highest possible level of efficiency.

Here at Lonestar Diabetic Alert Dogs, we train our dogs at our facility. We are a team of trainers, veterinarians, and pet experts who ensure that DADs will learn the necessary skills as service dogs. Rest assured that we only use positive reinforcement to prevent the development of any behavioral problems.