M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N   O N   D I A B E T I C   A L E R T   D O G S

H O W   A R E   T H E Y   T R A I N E D ?

W H Y   A L E R T   D O G S ?

W H A T   A R E   D I A B E T I C   A L E R T   D O G S ?

A Diabetic Alert Dog is a service dog that has been trained to alert diabetic handlers (owners) in advance of a low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar levels before they become dangerous so that the diabetic can take the necessary steps to avoid a problem by taking glucose or insulin depending on the situation. 

Our dogs are trained to specifically react to the chemical change in the diabetic. 

Through our training program, these amazing animals provide emotional security that leads to a more confident, independent lifestyle for the diabetic and their family. 

A dog has over 225 million scent receptors whereas a human has only 5 million, which makes the sense of smell of a canine is over 1000 times more sensitive. One eighth of a canine's brain is comprised of the olfactory bulb. This anatomy along with a canine’s natural drive and hunt instincts enable us to train a dog to differentiate distinct scents.​

Our diabetic alert dogs in Chattanooga are trained to work with handlers who have Type-1 Diabetes. Each dog in our facility undergoes a rigorous and intensive training process to ensure that they are fully equipped for the task.

​Nevertheless, our diabetic alert dogs are not a substitute for proper medical care. On top of the assistance you will get from your alert dog, it's important to continue your medication and consultation with a doctor. And just like humans, DADs need rest and care, too, so they will remain healthy and efficient.

Both children and adults benefit from our diabetic alert dogs in Chattanooga. We cater to children at least 12 years old so they can have assistance with their condition. We know that diabetes can affect not just adults but also young children.

Our diabetic service dogs in the Chattanooga area must pass training and examination before they are handed over to patients. Although DADs are not 100% accurate, they will record the highest possible level of efficiency.

Here at Lone Star Diabetic Alert Dogs, LLC, we train our dogs at our facility. We are a team of trainers, veterinarians, and pet experts who ensure that our canines will learn the necessary skills as service dogs.

We only use positive reinforcement to prevent the development of any behavioral problems.​

Unlike many other programs, Lone Star Diabetic Alert Dogs, LLC are trained by a type 1 diabetic with the assistance of their own service dog. Our bodies are a unique makeup of organic chemicals - all of which have specific smells.  Low and high blood sugar levels cause a release of chemicals in the body that have a distinct odor that is undetectable by humans but is very distinct to dogs. 

Our canines are exposed to the diabetic scent from day one and trained not only on frozen scent samples but also on daily real time alerts. 

Finding a diabetic scent means fun and food for the dogs, so it is freely given as a response to the scent. This is important because your Diabetic Alert Dog is working for you 24/7 unlike other types of service dogs that are on and off duty.

Once an alert is confirmed by a finger prick test, the dog enjoys a treat, praise, toy or game.