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Lone Star Diabetic Alert Dogs LLC’s mission is to ease the burden of those challenged with Diabetes in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area by connecting individuals with affordable diabetic alert service dogs. 

We are passionate about improving quality of life through encouraging independence, creating companionship, 

We are Lone Star Diabetic Alert Dogs LLC. This is our story.

​​Hi!  My name is Kim Johnson, the founder of Lone Star Diabetic Alert Dogs, LLC.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and oh! I am a type 1 brittle diabetic.

A couple of months prior to my diagnosis, I had a strange feeling that something was very wrong with me.  After returning home from a vacation with my husband, I had almost completely lost my eyesight, and by the time we landed back home, I was so weak I could barely move.

I went to the ER the next day and I was admitted to the critical care unit with high blood sugar.  ​There must have been a mistake, I am the health nut of the family! And yet, three days later I found out I am a diabetic. Not only that, but I am an adult onset type 1 brittle diabetic.

My family and I were in complete shock.

Brittle Diabetes is the most dangerous kind of diabetes because when I have low blood sugar, I don't sweat, shake, get hungry, or feel a change in anything.

This is when I was introduced to the idea of diabetic alert dogs.

From that day on, I was on a mission.

I spent days researching and quickly realized there was no way I could afford a $25,000 diabetic alert dog.   After looking further, I met a lady who trains Diabetic alert dogs.

A few weeks later, I met Ditto.  And I didn't rescue him, he rescued me.

I hopped on the plane with excitement and nervousness.  I was flying across the country to meet a new dog and spend a few days with a trainer I had never met. 

Over the next few days I learned about Ditto and the training process he went through. I knew then that I wanted to train these amazing animals for others to be as fortunate as I was to find an AFFORDABLE life saver. 

Ditto saves my life every day where I otherwise wouldn't have survived.  A few years back, Ditto was alerting me to low blood sugar.  I tested three times and all results came back with high blood sugar.  One more test on a different device proved my diabetic alert dog right! Had I trusted my meter, I would have died of an insulin overdose. 

My husband has always been my biggest fan. So, when I told him that I believe the reason I was given diabetes is to help others by training diabetic alert dogs, he was% on board with the plan. 

​We are Lone Star Diabetic Alert Dogs, LLC and this is our story.​